ASMR No Talking video – sponge scratching, squishing and water sounds

ASMR no talking video

This is my latest ASMR video. A no talking video where you can only see my hands moving slowly. I used a sponge to make some relaxing sounds for you.

The strange power of sound

When you think about it, it’s strange that you can create some relaxing sounds only by scratching a simple sponge. Squishing it and pulling out water of it, putting water in another recipient also makes interesting sounds.

When I create no talking ASMR videos, I usually just choose a few tools and don’t think beforehand about the sounds I’ll be making.  All the sounds are made instinctively, if I may say.

Making asmr video is an art

I sometimes consider the no talking videos more artsy than spoken videos cause I need to use all of my senses in order to feel the sounds and try to find which sound is the most relaxing one. When I just talk, I don’t really try to have a relaxing voice, I just whisper or talk slowly, but both are more or less natural.

I’m still quite new to the ASMR scene, after only a bit more than 5 months spent creating videos, exchanging with other ASMRists, and discovering each week new people who create awesome contents or artwork.

For me, the creation of ASMR videos has becoming a way to express myself and at the same time a way to help people. When you think that your voice or the sounds that you create can help people sleep, relax or forget about worries and stress, you really feel useful to the world.

From now on…

I’ve been making a bit more than 100 videos in 5 months and need to rest to try to think about what kind of videos I’ll be making from now on but also to reset my mind. I’ve been focusing too much on meaningless things and it has been affecting the way I make videos.

Back to the roots. Back to the nature. Back to the art. The noble art of ASMR.

You can check this link to learn a bit more about my work.

If you are new to ASMR, you can have a look at this wikipedia article:

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